Inevitably, we compare ourselves to others though we know we shouldn’t be doing it. We all hold on to our insecurities more than we would like to and especially more than we make others believe that we do. We become the harshest judges of our own actions. Though this is sometimes useful, we need not forget to love ourselves also.

We all have dreams, and whether we realize them or not, it is up to us. It is difficult not to compare ourselves to others who seem to be more accomplished in the fields where we want to grow.

Sometimes, it is good to scribble notes to yourself, and then in times of hardship, go through them and see how you dealt then and how you can approach things now.



My list goes something like this:

  • Be positive.
  • Be uplifting too, first and foremost, myself, and in consequence, to others.
  • Be someone who has a presence walking into the room for all the right reasons.
  • Be someone whose constant smile is contagious.
  • Be the woman who invests, thinks before, indulges, and is mindful of whom she gives her energy to. When she feels the feelings are getting the best of her, she is also able to walk away with no regrets and no looking back.
  • Be someone who is gentle and does not judge others while she also accepts herself as a whole with flaws included.
  • Be the woman who is fierce and confident. She doesn’t wait for opportunities to find her, but she plays the cards that she has to the best of her abilities and beyond.
  • She values herself because she is well aware of her own worth.
  • She’s curious and always asks questions. She’s eager to hear what others have to say.
  • She knows how to listen. When she asks a question, she listens for the answer. She wants to better herself and she is accepting of constructive criticism.
  • She gives more than she expects in return.
  • She never settles. She has high goals to reach.
  • She’s not afraid to be wrong. She also never takes criticism or rejection personally.
  • She knows when to say no.
  • She stands up for herself but also knows when to be quiet.
  • She makes no excuses for going after her dreams day after day.
  • She’s a powerhouse.


With all those things said, know that the only one between the you that you are and the one who you want to become is you. The only one you should compare yourself to is you.

You don’t have to have a wall full of pins from fashion magazines. It might be a quote that you look at and feel the power to push that much harder, or it might simply be your image in the mirror that you see changes. Be mindful of how you’re becoming more beautiful and stronger with each day that you stick to your healthy routines. Hang out with people who empower you and give you the motivation to push on in the moments when you’re feeling the most down.

You’re pretty and it’s your uniqueness that makes you one of a kind. Be proud of it.

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