Falling Off the Yoga Wagon


We’ve all had it happen; whether we have just been introduced to the practice of yoga and immediately fell in love with it, or we have been practicing it for years, we have become proficient and it has changed our lives considerably for the better. However, something happens when we miss a day or two; and then instead of us just getting right back at it the next week, we miss another day, or two. 


Then, without really knowing why, we just stop doing it. Do we no longer love yoga? Are we done with it the way we are done with an old favorite shirt that has seen us through some of our worst and best times? It happens to the best of us. We all have slip-ups or our motivation seems to decrease, but I’m here to tell you that you can get back up again and reaffirm your faith in yoga with these simple tips. 


Remind Yourself Why You Love Yoga


Yoga is as much a relationship with yourself as any other relationship you have with your family, partner, and friends. Sometimes it feels tired and old; and even if you still love it, you just don’t want to be around it at the moment. At the same time, you still talk about it as if you are still doing it daily. Your yogi friends have no idea what you are going through, and you’re not sure if you should even tell them. 


Take a deep breath then take a step back and make a list of why you love yoga. The reasons are your own, but they may be similar along the lines of, “I love the way yoga gives me strength,” “I love the way it makes me feel,” or “I love how it calms me down.” We have all heard how yoga has transformed many people’s lives but don’t forget your own journey and how it has changed you. 


Make it a Priority


In the same way that we sometimes have to schedule dates with our significant others, you need to do the same with your yoga practice. Whether you book it on your phone or make a mental promise to yourself that you will attend your class, put it as a priority; make yourself a priority. 


Now that you have it scheduled on your phone, the next step is to make sure you don’t falter on your own appointment. Whether you practice at home or go to a class, get your gear out and place it where you won’t forget; at the front door, on the bathroom counter, make it so that you can’t avoid seeing it and have no choice but to pick it up to continue on with your day. 


Start Back with Little Steps


If you are used to an advanced class you may feel as though you can simply return back without a hitch, but this may not be the case. Although our bodies will be conditioned to the practice for quite some time with regular practice, doing otherwise may have a different effect on your body. But, if you have been inactive for a month or longer, it doesn’t hurt to ease back into the practice. You can settle for a shorter class, even just ten minutes of Sun Salutations to get your back into the motion. 


Try Something Different


There are a lot of yoga variations out there. Not just different styles, but different ways to approach these styles that you may never have even imagined. Ways to combine your new lifestyle with yoga can help bring you back to what you love so dearly. Maybe you’ve had a baby and would like to try baby and mommy yoga, or maybe you want to try some partner yoga to help motivate you to show up. Whatever the case, check your options. Give yourself new goals to try and inspire yourself once again. You may even be able to pick up a cute pair of yoga leggings in this moment as well.


Remember, yoga is a journey on an infinite path; and this path can either be smooth or bumpy. Whatever the case, it’s perfectly acceptable to detour off of your path on occasion. Just remember the reason you fell in love with yoga in the first place. Even if you just pull the mat out and sit on it with some gentle stretches, you will find yourself and yoga again.


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