Good Morning, Sunshine



I have always preferred mornings over nighttime. Though both have their charm, I feel most productive right upon waking up. Productivity is what fulfills me.

Ever since I remember, I liked to wake up before the sun and greet it. There are a million ways to do so. It does not necessarily mean you have to beat the alarm clock. Going to bed early enough at night gives me enough time to wake up rested and by myself. But those are habits that need some time establishing.

I feel that the morning routine is powered by how I go to bed the night prior. Taking a shower right before bed is my treat. I then only like to have a cup of warm tea, like chamomile, lavender, or rooibos, depending on how I’m feeling and what goes in combination with the food that I had earlier. What also helps me inspire better sleep is changing my sheets often. By often, I mean at least once a week. I use natural detergents infused with homemade essential oils.

Fast forward to morning, one thing that I like to have on my nightstand is a glass of water which quenches my thirst right upon waking up. It also enables me to safely make my way to the kitchen and prepare my morning tea. While it is brewing, I do I a short meditation routine (that changes depending on my mood).

What also changes in regards to the season, my mood (strongly affected by the phases of the moon as my mom like to note), the meal plan I have set for us for that day, and possibly other factors is my morning tea routine. Most of the time, I like to combine it with a little coconut water, which is a great source of electrolytes. If I’m planning a draining workout later in the day, I’ll definitely need all of them or sometimes even a protein-powered smoothie for when I have important tasks to tackle.

I’m just the kind of person who likes to have the day planned ahead in order to be really successful at it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy playing it by ear sometimes, too. But the saying, “Fail to prepare, or prepare to fail.”, is quite accurate in my case.

Therefore, an essential piece of help is a planner where I handwrite the tasks for each given day. Crossing them out one by one is an empowering thing. But if you’re new at this, be mindful of how you function best. Sometimes, our brain is overwhelmed by the sight of 10 different things we need to accomplish. So maybe, break them down into different sections or spread them out over a couple of days.

I further like to show appreciation by doing a short yoga or stretching routine that gets the kinks out of my body, especially the back and the neck. Practice obviously varies depending on how I’m feeling, but I make sure to keep my joints limber, turn my heart center up, and actively start my day. I feel like the energy truly transfers well into the rest of the tasks I have planned for that particular day.

It could be a couple of sun salutations, jumping jacks, burpees. or even a sunrise walk to get a cup of tea from the coffee shop–something that kick-starts the flow of my day and sets the positive tone to it right from the start. I feel like no matter if you’re a “morning person” or not, these tips could come in handy. Let me know how your morning goes and what your triggers are to a successful day. I’m curious to hear back from you.

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