How to Instantly One-Up Your Look


Being put together instantly boosts your confidence. It entails everything from your clothing, to make up, to freshly washed hair, and young-looking skin. Moreover, there are subtle nuances that elevate your appearance in no time. Try them out and let me know how they make you feel.


Add eyeshadow on your hairline, especially when you wear your hair up. Particularly above your temples. If you have any grey roots, you can easily mask that as well. For darker hair, go with darker shadow, obviously. While blondes can use a shade of beige. Play around a little until you find your fit.

Whiten your eyes. You normally look at someone’s eyes to see what color they are. But what makes that color pop even more, is the white around it. You’ll achieve healthy white shade by eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep. While the instant option comes by adding eye drops to your eyes. Don’t use them all the time, but when you feel like your eyes are getting particularly dry, it is a good time to reach for them.

Exfoliate your skin. I would do it about twice per week. Find your routine. And I suggest practicing it before bed so the possible redness goes away by morning. After exfoliating, use essential oils. Oils that contain lavender are recommended as it has the health properties to reduce redness, inflammation, and prevents the skin from forming acne while it cures the ones that you already have.

Love long eyelashes? Probably not many of us are blessed with naturally long lashes. While I’m particularly not a fan of extensions. The solution comes in the shape of a natural ingredient: castor oil. It makes both your eyelashes and brows longer. Cone it on your lashes and brows before bed and wash it out in the morning. I’ve seen results within days. I was even able to grow my once super thin brows into a bushier kind that are more on trend these days by using castor oil.

While don’t you go for a pop of color on your lips while doing the rest of your makeup simple? You’re right, there’s nothing subtle about a red lip. The trick is to go an ever so slightly darker shade with your lip liner than your lipstick. It will give your lips a fuller look.

Show off your figure by well-fitting your clothes. Get a pair of well-fitted leggings and pair them with your favorite tops. Fall is slowly but surely approaching, so layer your clothing. A well-fitted wardrobe will boost your confidence. While you’re checking yourself in the mirror, just bring your shoulders back. An upright posture will even make you look taller. Try it. Smile. It will enhance your mood. Plus, it’s contagious. Who doesn’t like to smile back at the person with sides of the lips towards their ears and peachy cheeks?

You can try one tip at the time or all of them together. Do it for yourself and you’ll quickly see what suits you so you can make it a routine. Usually, the things we get complimented on are the ones we keep on doing. But also having reassurance from the mirror that we elevated ourselves from the version we were yesterday makes us walk out the door with confidence in our step.

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